Blueberry Jam and Peach Chutney

After completing the order for Maple Cupcakes and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache last Saturday, I duly delivered them and then set about thinking about making the jams and chutneys I wanted to make. I used 500g blueberries and produced two jars of jam using a Thane Prince recipe. I also found some really nice printable vintage labels and tags to put on homemade preserves on the Hewlett Packard website. I have also made Peach and Fresh Ginger Chutney from the same book. I now remember why making chutneys is not my favourite thing to do, after nearly being blinded by the fumes of the cider vinegar boiling away for an hour! Friends and family had better appreciate it! Still, the jam is yummy and it says in the book it is good on American pancakes, which we will definitely try out, as pancakes for breakfast is one American tradition we brought back with us.

Blueberry jam for tea
Blueberry jam for tea

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