Red Plum and Cinnamon Jam

Plum and Cinnamon JamI came across this recipe in the Thane Prince book ‘Jams and Chutneys’.  I’m not one for Plum Jam usually, but this sounded a bit different.  Along with the President red plums and sugar, it has a 4″ cinnamon stick finely ground into the mix, so I was a bit concerned that the cinnamon would be overpowering or, even worse, taste gritty. However, it turned out really well and is absolutely delicious! I could imagine it going well in a Bakewell tart instead of the usual raspberry jam – it would be lovely with a really almondy frangipane topping. I think I’ll try that sometime – a nice Autumn pudding! Jam-making has suddenly become much easier, now I have started using a jam thermometer. If you followed the instructions in recipes, you’d sometimes end up with a watery mass, nowhere near the setting point, or burnt to a cinder. I have found that the thermometer is very accurate and I am achieving a perfect set (something I used to find nigh on impossible).  In fact, I am feeling rather smug and have even cleared out a kitchen cupboard to use for all my preserves and chutneys!


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