Rosebud Cupcakes for an 18th Birthday

I’ve had one of those days today. Got up really early to make a start on the rosebud cupcakes for an 18th birthday party today, which all went smoothly, until I was just finishing mixing the frosting, when my Dualit hand mixer packed in! That’s two which have broken since Christmas, so I made my husband take it back to John Lewis for me, as I had stacks of baking to do for the show tomorrow. Anyway, I’m fed up with Dualit, so I’m now trying a Kenwood hand mixer. A big mixer is good for some jobs, but when you just want to make a small batch of something or other, I find a hand-mixer quicker and definitely cannot live without one. Here are the rosebud cupcakes, which the client seemed delighted with!

Rosebud CupcakesRosebud Cupcakes for 18th Birthday


After completing this order and delivering it, I set about starting on the brownies and cookie bars I had planned for the show tomorrow – 4 batches of Rocky Road, 3 of Fudgy Brownies, Blueberry Bars, Raspberry and Almond Blondies and finally Lemon Polenta Cookies! I think putting my feet up with a glass of wine is now in order…


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