Cheat’s Applique Mat

I made this table mat when I lived in America. I was inspired by all the fantastic shops and quilters out there to learn how to quilt properly and there is certainly no better place than there to learn. This method involves fusing the fabric shape to a double-sided interfacing, which you then fuse to the piece of work. Then you can just do a narrow machine zig-zag around the edge of each piece. Not as painstaking or accurate as the proper method, but so much quicker and quite effective. I like this piece because there are lots of Japanese-inspired patterns in the fabrics and it  also reminds me of the many hours I whiled away in the lovely quilting shops in Petaluma and Santa Rosa – I’m sorry, but ours just do not compare, at least none which I have been to. I try to keep this on display in the living room, but it is regularly ousted by my son, so he can run his cars up and down the coffee table…Applique Mat


2 thoughts on “Cheat’s Applique Mat

  1. For years I tried to quilt “the proper way” and found that it just made me angry and frustrated, although there are techniques to be learned that are invaluable.

    Did you design this yourself? Love the choice of fabrics.

    I have been experimenting with cutting designs out of colorful plastic bags to sew to a fabric backing, with the result of some unique and funky art quilts. Not everything works, but I like to experiment.

  2. This is not my design – I bought the pattern in California, when I lived there. You never know, it may still be available. If I can find it amongst the stash of fabric, I will leave details of the designer on the blog.

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