Welcome New Baby Cupcakes

I made these this morning – chocolate sponge, pink vanilla frosting and pink sugar feet. The purchaser wants to welcome home a new mum and her new baby girl, which I think is a lovely idea. It’s wonderful to have gifts for the baby, but it’s quite nice to have something for hard-pressed Mum and Dad too!

Whilst next time, I would recommend a natural coloured vanilla frosting or a chocolate frosting, so that there is more contrast and the pink feet show up a little more, I think they will be happy with pink on pink. It is to welcome a little girl after all!

As well as a welcome home present, these would also be ideal for a christening or baby shower.  Blue feet are available too, as well a mix of  baby bottles, prams, hearts and baby vests in pink or blue. You can have butterflies or animal faces too, which come in a mix of brighter, but subtle colours.  All cost £1.99 for 12 on top of the usual cost of the cupcakes.

Welcome Baby Girl Cupcakes
Welcome New Baby Girl Cupcakes

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