Getting Ready for Shows

I’m not sure what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks (apart from tending to sick children, making Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings), but somehow I have not got around to putting anything on my blog. Very remiss of me! Feeling especially guilty, as I bought a copy of  ‘Blogging For Bliss’ by Tara Frey yesterday and I’ve started to realise there is so much more I could do! I’m itching to get on with it, but…..

First things first, as I have two Christmas Shopping Evenings coming up on Wednesday and Thursday, so all of today and tomorrow will be spent baking. So far I’ve made double batches of Fudgy Brownies and Rocky Road and 24 each of Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes, which will be transformed into Christmas Cupcakes with cute robins,  Rudolfs, Xmas trees and snowflakes on them and into the Candy Cane Cupcakes shown below. I have been trying to get ahead as much as possible by prepping boxes and bags and all the other stuff I have to take with me.

Getting ready for a show
Getting ready for a show

 People are always very complimentary about my packaging and labelling and often want to know who put the look together. It was just me , well, with a fair amount of technical input from my husband.  I’m the one with the artistic input and he has to tweak it for me on the computer. I guess I know what I like and the look I want to achieve! My husband designed my website for me and for someone who doesn’t do it for a living, I think he did a pretty good job. My cousin prints my labels at Daymark Ltd. – they do an excellent job.

I suppose I had better get back to packing boxes and bags, as most of tomorrow will be spent making Cranberry and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cookies, as well as adding all the finishing touches to the cakes. Thursday will be spent making more of everything for the next shopping evening. I have been very busy of late, so thank you to everyone who orders from me and thanks too for all the lovely things you say about my website and the cakes.


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