Cookie Mixes In A Jar

I’m just taking a short break from baking and giving my legs a well deserved rest. I’ve spent the morning making another Christmas cake whilst listening to White Christmas and other golden oldies. Nothing like getting in the mood for Christmas – possibly my favourite time of year. I had to make a dash to the supermarket for some ingredients I had forgotten and when I opened the door, the smell of spicy Christmas cake cooling in the kitchen greeted me and even if I do say so myself, it smelt pretty good!

I have also made about 10 cookie mixes in jars. I am off to the Papworth Trust Shopping Evening on Friday, so I want to take plenty of these jars with me. Everyone is very interested in them, as they make really good presents, even for a non-cook, as they are so easy. You just add your own butter, egg and vanilla, mix them together and then tip in the contents of the jar. Each one makes 18 cookies and of course you can re-use the preserving jar it comes packaged in. Very little waste, which is always a good thing. I think they are an excellent way to try out making your own cookies, as nothing beats them fresh from the oven and you look like you’ve worked really hard on making them!

Today I have made Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Cranberry, Oatmeal and Raisin and Cranberry, White Chocolate and Pecan (the one in the front of the photo). They look so pretty all layered up in the jar. Last week someone bought one and said she was just going to look at it and not use it! I like to give them to my son’s teacher’s at Christmas time – they always seem very appreciative of them!

Next year I will tweak the recipes to fit in a 1litre jar. The current jars are 75cl and so difficult to find at a decent price! By next year I will have lots more flavour combos, but if you like the idea of this and would like a particular flavour, just give me a call or drop me an email. These can be bought now for Christmas and will last until at least April 2010.

Cookie Mix In A Jar

10 thoughts on “Cookie Mixes In A Jar

    1. I bought these from the internet a while ago now and I can’t remember where from. They are available all over the place though if you search for Kilner jar or preserving jar. Prices vary hugely though!

      1. I use a 750ml jar, which is not so easily available unfortunately! Everyone seems to sell 1 litre or 500ml jars, but my mix doesn’t fit into either – one day I might find the time to re-formulate the recipes to make them fit in the smaller jar…

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I don’t have any links to the recipes. Just use your favourite cookie or brownie recipe. I find they look best if you can include different coloured ingredients. Obviously sugar and flour is white, so it helps if you can use a recipe with brown or muscavado sugar, choc chips, dried fruits, nuts etc. I also tamp down each ingredient, so you get a good definition between the layers.

  1. I’m making something like this for a school craft fair and just wondered whether you need to sterilise the jars first ( is this a silly question? They are new jars I’m using and already hot water washed). Joanna x

    1. I always sterlise the jars, partly because you don’t know where they’ve been in the factory and who’s handled them in transit and in the shop! Also if you want the contents to keep for a while, you want to make sure they are sterlile before you add any ingredients. You will need to cool them first though before adding ingredients, especially things like chocolate. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! Next stupid question…how best to sterilise them ( I have the same jars as you) and also how long storage wise should I state to people buying them? It’s just flour, spices and dried mixed fruits type ingredients. Thanks

      2. You can put them through the dishwasher, if your metal clasp is suitable, otherwise a hot wash and then sterlise them in the oven. You will need to check how many mins are required in the oven. I think Delia Or Mary Berry books and websites should be helpful there. I go by the sell by dates on what I am using, but I would put 3 to 6 months max.

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