Rosebud Cupcakes

I’ve spent all morning getting ready for the Shopping Evening tonight and made these cupcakes. I have decided to display them in a gift box tonight and I’ve filled the box with 3 different cakes – Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee & Walnut, just so that people browsing around the stand can get an idea of what it’s possible to order. I may sell them singly or in 4’s and have a few tasters on offer too. After all, the whole point of them is the taste, not just the look!


Chocolate, Coffee & Walnut and Vanilla Cupcakes

I have taken an order this week for some wedding cupcakes from a couple who want to reflect their wedding in Las Vegas, so they are going to have American flavoured cupcakes such as Maple Syrup, Carrot Cake and Blueberry Cupcakes – it should be lots of fun deciding how to decorate them on a La Vegas theme! The reason I mention weddings is because I think the chocolate rosebuds above would look lovely at a wedding too!


My friend’s daughter has already ordered the chocolate and red rose cupcakes for her 13th birthday, but with red foil cases, which I think will look pretty stunning all piled up on a stand.


I also took a snapshot of the bagged up Brownies and Rocky Road which I’m taking tonight – they are always very popular at these shopping evenings. It’s funny, because I almost did not include Rocky Road in my repertoire, as I thought it was the sort of thing anyone could make at home, but apparently not!


Brownies and Rocky Road





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