Red Rosebud Cupcake Prize

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a few days – I have been absolutely flat out with baking! Tonight I am going to Yelling Christmas Shopping evening, so I’ve prepared Brownies, Rocky Road and Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cookies to sample and buy. I have found that encouraging customers to sample before they buy is very popular – I can’t think why I haven’t thought to do it before! I haven’t made cupcakes to sell tonight, but I have made up a small box of 4 very pretty cupcakes as a raffle prize:

Red Chocolate Rosebud Cupcakes

 I forgot to photograph them before sealing the box, so it’s a little bit darker than I would like. I need to get on and update the website with dates when I am fully booked. It’s funny how things suddenly get very busy, and not necessarily just with Christmas orders. I have an 18th birthday tomorrow, birthdays on Saturday and Monday, a party on Tuesday and the Hilton and Fenstanton Christmas Shopping evening next Wednesday, so that’s me taken care of for a few days! I have also had a gastropub contact me about selling my brownies, which is exciting!

On top of all that the boiler has packed in today, so I’m waiting for the plumber to return with the spare part and hopefully fix it once and for all. Luckily all the baking was done before he started his work and we had managed to heat up the water this morning.  We also have a woodburner which keeps us warm without having to resort to the central heating all the time.  Better get on and get ready for tonight!



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