18th Birthday Rosebud Cupcakes

I have made these rosebud cupcakes today for an 18th birthday – the recipient has a silver and pink theme at her party, so she opted for silver foil cupcake papers, vanilla sponge, pink vanilla frosting, pink chocolate rosebuds and sugar paste leaves. One of the cakes has a  sugar paste cut-out ’18’ perched on the top and the rest are going to have silver candles pushed into the frosting. When they are all piled up, it should all look very pretty! I hope she’s pleased with them anyway.

18th Birthday Rosebud Cupcakes

The rosebuds are very popular at the moment, probably because they are on special offer until 30th November. I have now sold out of the pink though. I have the red roses on offer still (probably enough for another couple of boxes of cupcakes).

Our boiler problem has not been fixed – they want to try a third spare part and all in all it would cost about £400 with still no guarantee that it will fix the actual problem! We are so cross with the manufacturers that we sent an email of complaint last night, hoping they might offer to come and do something about this boiler,which is after all only 3 1/2 years old! They are going to send out their lead engineer on Monday, but we face chilly weekend ahead… I was going to say it pays to complain, but I will bite my tongue and see if we get anywhere on Monday. Thank goodness we have a woodburner and immersion heater to fall back on! I’m off to my Knit-Lit group tonight, after delivering the above cupcakes to Cambridge, so I’ll go and get warm there!


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