Cinnamon Waffles and Christmas

My son is really into cooking, especially American buttermilk pancakes or waffles and is always keen to have them at the weekends. So today, we thought we’d go down the waffle route. The waffle maker doesn’t come out that often, if I’m honest, but we fancied a change from pancakes today. So Cinnamon Waffles it was. I left my son to it, so there were a few mis-haps like a rather large amount of ground cinnamon lost on the floor, but the end result was a very light and fluffy waffle! We have a Cuisinart waffle maker, which makes the waffles in bars, rather than the traditional shape, in case you were wondering about the funny shape, but they are very handy for dipping in maple or golden syrup!

Cinnamon Waffles

The rest of my day is going to be spent getting all the Christmas stuff out of the roof and slowly tidying up the house, putting out a few favourites. The next three weekends are all taken care of, so I feel like I have to make an early start or Christmas will be here before I know it. One of the first things to go up is a clear perspex star which hangs in my kitchen window – it has a single LED light in the centre and is very simple but striking. I put out a stemmed glass jar of paperwhites yesterday, which should come into flower around Christmas-time. I bought them from a friend who runs a lovely garden design and flower arranging business – see .


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