Getting Ready For Christmas

So, I have started rummaging through what looks like 100 boxes on the landing – all full of Christmas stuff. I got out my ‘fake’ tree for the dining room ,which I bought in the USA. It has a real wooden trunk with bark attached and fake pine branches wired into it. I decorated it with glass droppers, pearl white, lime and red baubles and various snowflakes I have collected over the years. The one shown here came from Crate and Barrel in the US, I think. It is made up of lots of tiny beads wired into a snowflake shape.

Beaded Snowflake

  I have tried to photograph the tree, but I had forgotten how difficult it is to get a good photo of a lit tree. I daresay there are lots of tricks of the trade, which I don’t know about. Anyway, I took a couple of close-ups instead, while I figure out how to take a decent photo! I can’t wait to decorate my real tree.  I have collected baubles and tree decorations for many years from all over the world. I used to travel a lot when I worked in export, so I started my collection in Dinkelsbuhl in Germany in a stunning Christmas shop, which sold handmade, intricate wooden decorations.  I have decorations from Canada, the USA, Sweden, Denmark and Germany amongst others. I don’t like to knock the shops here, but I can trawl around all the Christmas departments feeling decidedly unimpressed, whereas in America I would be drooling over everything! I’m afraid I don’t go in for the one colour Christmas tree – I go for a whole range of colours including lots of glass snowflakes, turquoise and duck egg blue, red, lime green and lots of colours in between. I like anything a bit retro-looking, especially vintage baubles. I remember all the baubles which used to hang on our tree as a child and even if they are a bit battered, I still like to see them. As soon as it’s time to get the tree up I will photograph some of my favourite things.

One of the many impossible tasks I have set myself this year included knitting all the decorations for the tree in the dining room. I got as far as three mini stockings and a half- finished sprig of knitted mistletoe…. I had planned stars, mini sweaters, mini stockings, but well, I haven’t quite achieved it… Here are the mini stockings – the pattern is free on

Knitted Mini Stockings

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