Roses Are Red Cupcakes

Today I’ve been making some cupcakes for a customer who has completely proved me wrong! She requested red frosting with red chocolate roses and my first reaction was (a) I’m not sure that it will look very good being red on red, not enough contrast (b) I’m not even sure I can get the red frosting to match the red roses! I think, reading between the lines, she was a little disappointed that I was trying to steer her down the safe route of red roses on natural frosting, so I said I would give it a go. I coloured a tiny amount of frosting first and found that I could get close to the colour by mixing a couple of different reds, so took the plunge and coloured the whole lot. Here is the result:

Roses Are Red Cupcakes

I think they would be an excellent choice for all sorts of occasions such as Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, wedding or you might even say they are a bit Bollywood! So a lesson learnt – the customer is always right! Just a quick note of advice – if you would like to order these, I need 2 weeks notice to order in the roses.


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