Carrot Cupcakes

Today I have had an order to make for Psyche’s Bazaar, who run jewellery making birthday parties for children (see links). I supply the cupcakes, frosting and decorations for the children to decorate their own cupcakes too. So I have sent vanilla cupcakes, pink vanilla frosting and selection of sugar paste flowers, roses, hearts, buttons etc.

In addition to that I am getting ready for Fenstanton and Hilton Christmas Shopping Evening tomorrow. I have made a double batch of Rocky Road and a large batch of Carrot Cupcakes. I can’t decide whether to top them with my usual Orange Cream Cheese Frosting, which will entail keeping them chilled, or take the easy route and make an Orange or maybe a Cinnamon & Vanilla Frosting instead… That would be easier, as I wouldn’t have to keep them chilled. Either way, they will be topped generously with chopped pecans. Why not let me know if you have a preference? 

Carrot Cupcakes straight from the oven

I still have lots of cookie mixes in jars to make yet, but I have to wait for the dried cranberries to turn up! The White Chocolate, Cranberry and Pecan Mix was very popular last week and I sold out completely, so I need to crack on and make more! I am lacking evergy today though – it may have something to do with waking up at 5am dreaming of pink frosting! Still, I have all day tomorrow to get ready and make some more stuff to take – maybe some Lemon Curd Cupcakes or some of the White Chocolate, Cranberry and Pecan Cookies, so that people can taste them as well.


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