My First Embroidery

We have been to Shropshire this weekend to deliver Christmas presents. Whilst there we went to see Father Christmas arrive in Tenbury Wells in his horse-drawn carriage. ‘Eddie Grundy’ from The Archers opened the proceedings and crowned the Mistletoe Queen and King. Mistletoe and holly grow in abundance around South Shropshire and Worcestershire and Tenbury has become well-known for its holly market. I brought back a big bunch of mistletoe, local honey and mince pies from the local WI. When in Tenbury we have to go and visit all our usual haunts – the sweet shop, the artisan baker, the book shop and the brilliant old-fashioned ironmonger.  On Sunday we wandered around the antique market and shops in Ludlow. Fortunately for my purse, a lot of the shops were shut, but I still managed a quick tour of The Silver Pear and Emporos. I restrained myself on the antiques market, although I did see a very cute set of 1960’s tiny forks with coloured handles, for olives or similar I suppose. I wish I had bought them now!  I dashed to Burford House Garden to have a look at the Christmas shop, just before driving back home again. The visits to Shropshire are never long enough to fit everything in. Take a look at and

Whilst at my Mum’s I took a photo of my first piece of embroidery I ever did. She thinks I was about 8 years old when I did it, definitely younger than 10 anyway. I don’t think it’s bad for my first piece!

My First Embroidery

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