2009 Christmas Door Wreath

I always make my own door wreath, as I like to use a real mixture of foliage. I buy several branches of Nordman fir from the Christmas tree shop, where they sell branches for a donation to charity. Then I add whatever I can find in the garden such as holly, euonymous, box, mahonia leaves, red dogwood stems,  ivy berries and leaves, daphne and various others. This year I have kept it quite natural and used apples, berries, cinnamon sticks etc. I have wired fake berries to the holly, as there were none on my holly and have made wire sprials in lime green wire for a modern touch. I often add cones or nuts or go a bit more sparkly and wire in baubles in bright pink or red.

2009 Christmas Door Wreath

I start by using a Naylor pad – oasis in a plastic tray. I wire a loop to hang it by before I start, then begin by inserting pieces of fir, putting them all in a clockwise direction. I then wire on the apples and bow and work round them as I find it tricky to wire them on, once all the other foliage is in place. I use 3, 5 or 7 prices of any given foliage or berries. I just keep putting stuff in until I literally can’t squeeze another thing in! I like them to be crammed full of foliage and berries – I probably don’t do things in the accepted way, but it seems to work.


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