The Big Bake-In Starts Today

2009 Christmas Tree

The time has finally arrived when I must start on all those Christmas cake orders. The rich fruit cakes have already been made and are ready to decorate, so today I have started the job of putting a layer of marzipan on each. First each cake is brushed with apricot glaze and then the marzipan is rolled out and attached to the cake. Lots of painstaking smoothing and levelling later and the cakes can  be put away for a few days, so that the marzipan can dry out ready to have the icing put on and be decorated. 

I have a plan of attack for the next two weeks – it’s going to be a bit like a military manoeuvre, involving lots of baking for Christmas and birthdays, a sleepover for six 13 year olds (can’t think what possessed me to agree to that one!) and all the usual rush leading up to Christmas. No photos of cakes today unfortunately – I will make sure I get some of the Christmas cakes as I decorate them!

 I would like nothing better than to sit and relax by the tree. I was going to say sit and admire it, but I am not completely happy with it this year – it may be time for a re-think it next year. Like most people though, I have two 3ft high piles of ironing, a house that needs cleaning and a chicken to be roasted, and unlike a lot a people,  sponge recipes to be trialled before tomorrow! Better crack on with it all…


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