Gold Rose Wedding Cupcakes

Today I’ve been making some samples of wedding cupcakes for a bride-to-be. She wanted to try out some different vanilla sponges, so I have been testing a few for eating qualities and keeping qualities. If you have read my website you’ll see that I specialise in American-style baking and I like to use mainly American recipes. The recipe I tested earlier in the week was a soured cream vanilla cupcake, but I found it disappointing. It was quite a wet mix and after one day went very doughy and wet on the top. It did taste very nice, especially with lemon curd, but I decided to reject that recipe. Today I have gone for a Yellow Buttermilk Cupcake. Being an American recipe it calls for cake flour, not readily available here in the UK, but I did find a Supreme Sponge flour made with a  soft wheat (like cake flour). It looked pretty dubious as it came out of the bag, but the Buttermilk Cupcakes were very light, so I think it probably worked well. It would be worth paying for the more expensive cake flour for a special occasion like a wedding, although I have to say good old self-raising or a plain flour with raising agent work perfectly well! I also made an all-in-one vanilla sponge recipe for comparison. It’s a different texture and taste, but one which most Brits are probably used to, being very much like a Victoria sponge. 

Gold Rose Wedding Cupcakes

Here is the gold rose cupcake sample: gold foil case, Yellow Buttermilk Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting, topped with a  white chocolate rose brushed with edible gold lustre. You could just as well use a gold glitter for more of a twinkle or even edible gold leaf for a really over-the- top look! The lustres and glitters are available in many colours, so the white chocolate rose could be tinted to match many colour schemes and of course the vanilla frosting could be tinted to match as well. 

The option to test a few different recipes is always there if you have a special event coming up. For instance with chocolate cakes, you could opt for the standard dark chocolate sponge or perhaps go for something darker and moister like a Devil’s Food Cake or something denser and chewier like a brownie cupcake. The choice is yours!


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