Seville Orange Cupcakes and Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Seville Orange Cupcakes with Orange Icing

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m fed up of the snow and ice now and want Spring to come. I’ve mooched around today, feeling housebound by the ice and despite having a very long list of things to do, not really wanting to get on with any of them. Anyway, I have achieved something and made some of my January specials for my website and photographed them – Seville Orange Cupcakes. Here I have made them with orange icing, but alternatively they could have an orange frosting. The sponge contains  juice and rind from a Seville orange, the cake is brushed with Seville Orange marmalade and then the icing is made up with the juice from a Seville orange, so they are tangy and refreshing – quite nice after all those rich Christmas flavours! I’m also using the Seville Orange this month to make Dark Chocolate and Orange Brownies and Dark Chocolate and Orange Layer cakes. 

Sugar Paste Flowers

I have spent some time yesterday and today making  lots of sugar paste flowers – white with yellow centres for an order at the weekend, white with black centres for a girls party (they want goth, so I’m making up a few decorations with black), orange for the Seville orange cakes and yellow  just because I had some yellow paste and they are cheerful on a freezing cold January day! 

The next job must be to get on with Valentines Day specials, which I must design, make and photograph asap!


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