Hilton in Winter

After making Maple syrup Cupcakes this morning, I tried to capture the sticky shine on the tops of the cakes. Today I added a couple of drops of maple extract from the USA to accentuate the flavour even more, although with 1 cup of maple syrup per 12 cupcakes, there’s plenty of flavour going on there! 

Sticky Maple Cupcakes

I set off for a slippery walk around Hilton to try to snap some photos before the snow and ice disappears, although according to the forecasters, I needn’t hurry… 

Hilton Maze


By the ford
Ice on the road by the ford
Winter berries

This was the one sign of life I saw  and this tree seemed to be thriving in the weather conditions – it was dripping with berries.  

Ice on Hilton roads

This is the compacted snow and ice on the side roads in Hilton – not pleasant to drive on. When I did the school run this morning, the road conditions were very poor, as none of the roads had been gritted. You just hope you don’t meet some nutter coming the other way! 


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