Valentines Day ‘Red Velvet’ and ‘Vintage’ Cupcakes


I have now finalised the cupcakes I will be making for Valentines Day and I’ve uploaded the details to There are two types to choose from, but sorry no photos yet! I will have to keep you hanging on, as I’m waiting for supplies to arrive, but as soon as they do, I will make samples and photograph them.

12 x Valentines’ Day ‘Red Velvet’ CupcakesRed velvet sponge with vanilla frosting – in red and white spot cases, decorated with an amazing assortment of designs from red icing heart plaques, to red roses, red chocolate heart dragees, red sparkles and red & white heart sprinkles. £16.95 
12 x Valentine’s Day ‘Vintage’ CupcakesVanilla or lemon sponge in pastel cases with pastel frostings, ‘lovehearts’ and pastel non-pareils or sugar strands. £15.95  This the first time I have included red velvet cupcakes on my website – I know they are incredibly popular everywhere, so if they are successful, I may include them as a standard product.  I must admit that I have resisted including these red velvet cakes as part of my usual repetoire, thinking they just contained hideous amounts of red food colouring, but I am persuaded there is more to them than meets the eye. They come originally from the Southern states of the USA – mine follows the traditional way of making them by using oil, rather than butter. They contain cocoa and various ingredients including buttermilk to raise the acidity. It is the chemical reaction between the cocoa and acidic ingredients which intensifies the colour. I also use a highly concentrated gel food colouring, so I don’t have to use an entire bottle of liquid food colouring, which some recipes call for – can you imagine?! I’ve been to buy the ‘Lovehearts today, but I think I might be showing my age by saying they are not what they used to be! Definitely paler than I remember and the words have all changed – how disappointing! I will keep on searching for better ones – I’m sure someone out there still makes them. If not, I might have to pick and choose which ones I use…  

The light conditions are so poor today – I have had to use the flash, even outside! I bought these lovely red Amaryllis the other day and they are just opening out now – they help to brighten up a dull day.  


I am trying to use a few quiet days in January to paint the kitchen. It was all cream and black before, but I’m now painting the window wall in duck egg blue, so that is my job for the rest of the day. A fresh lick of cream paint everywhere else should brighten it up.  

Don’t forget if you would like to order Valentine’s Day cupcakes for a loved one, they can be delivered to their door (see website for delivery area) and a personalised note can be included. Book early to avoid disappointment!  


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