Dairy-Free Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes

A client contacted me to ask if it would be possible to make some dairy-free cupcakes for her Mum who has a dairy intolerance. After enquiring which products she used at home (Pure Soya spread and Alpro Soya Light Milk), I duly set about making my usual recipe, but replacing the  butter and milk with the above products. They seemed to work well, as you can see below. The soya spread does not hold its shape as well as butter, but after chilling the frosting for a while, I was able to pipe it very easily. The cakes are decorated with chopped walnuts and cream daisies. I think coffee can be a tricky colour to decorate – many colours don’t seem quite right to me (pink, pale yellow, blue etc), so I played safe and went for cream.

Dairy Free Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes

I tried a smidge of the left-over frosting and I think it tasted good. There was no soy after-taste, but it was well-masked by plenty of espresso! Pity I couldn’t try the cakes, but all 12 had to go off to the recipient! It’s good to know, if you have an allergy, that you too can have delicious cakes.


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