Petal Paste Roses

I have tried out my new rose mould today, after a couple of weeks of putting it off. I thought it might be tricky to use, but it was actually a very simple and quick way to produce very pretty roses. This colour is called Poinsettia, but of course the roses could be made in any colour and because it is quicker than making rose buds by hand, I can sell them at a much more favourable price.

Poinsettia roses

These could be used to top cupcakes for special occasions or weddings, or they could be used all over on an iced layer cake or on the mini cakes below. Roses are so popular and I have been looking for a way to offer a better deal to customers who want them. The chocolate roses I offer are lovely, but expensive, and making rosebuds by hand is quite time-consuming and therefore expensive, so I am pleased to find a new and more cost-effective way of doing it!

Mini cakes with roses

6 thoughts on “Petal Paste Roses

  1. Do you grease/cornflour/icing sugar the molds? I have been dusting with a minute amount of cornflour but it’s impossible to get it off once they are turned out?

    1. I use something caled CMC from my local cake decorating shop. Add it to the sugarpaste, knead in very throughly, leave overnight and then you will find a firmer paste the next day, which is much easier to use with moulds. The more you use the mould, the easier the paste comes out.

      1. Thankyou so much! I’m making my own wedding cupcakes and (of course) they must be perfect! Have just ordered some and will have a go 🙂 you’re a star!

  2. There should be instructions of how much to mix with the paste. Good Luck with your wedding cupcakes – when are you making them?

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