Knit Lit

You may have noticed from earlier posts that I am quite keen on knitting and books and last year I discovered a Knit Lit group where I could combine both. We meet every other Friday night at Buckden Library. We decide on a book to read at home and sit and knit, chat, discuss the book we’re reading, laugh, drink tea and eat whatever biscuits or cakes happen to be brought along on the night. Last time we were interviewed by The Cambridgeshire Journal and we should be making an appearance in the April issue. I’m hoping I don’t put in a personal appearance in the photos, but I don’t mind if my knitting does – having my photo taken is one of my least favourite things…

The group is made up of funny, bright and interesting people who have a passion for knitting and books. For years I’ve been a bit of a closet knitter, as it was not regarded as a very fashionable thing to do, but now (apparently) it’s the latest thing, so now I find myself being rather ‘cool’, well, kind-of…!

Julie Turjoman's Guinevere Evening Cardigan

I must learn to become a finisher though. If I had the time and inclination, I’d shock myself by listing all the semi-finished or barely started projects I have underway. There must be at least 15, maybe more… This week I have finally finished a war-time sleeveless top for my son, who has to dress up as a 1940’s child at school. So yesterday I was able to make a start on a pattern called Guinevere Evening Cardigan by Julie Turjoman available from  (see Julie’s photo above).  I am knitting it in Pistachio coloured Rowan Natural Silk Aran, which is not quite the right gauge, so I hope it works out! I am quite into vintage patterns at the moment and bought one off the internet for a 1950’s bed-jacket of all things – so Doris Day! Whether I ever start/finish it is another matter…


2 thoughts on “Knit Lit

  1. Hello, Sweet Kitchen,

    How nice to see that you are making my Guinevere Evening Cardigan! Even nicer would be to see a photo of your completed version, although with all the delicious cupcakes you’ve been baking lately I’m surprised you have time for any other hobbies… I feel a sugar rush coming on just browsing your photos, and am envious of your baking talents.

    1. How nice to hear from you! I’m still knitting your Guinevere Cardigan (I’ve done two fronts and a sleeve and I’m now on the back, so getting there slowly). It’s a really lovely pattern. I am making it in Rowan Natural Silk Aran, so the tension is a bit different to the orginal, but it’s looking good so far. As soon as I’ve finisihed I will post a photo, but don’t hold your breath! With all the baking and other stuff going on, I have to squeeze in the knitting when I can. Keep the patterns coming!

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