Cupcake paper cases and decorations

I am always asked what I can decorate cupcakes and cakes with and the answer is almost anything! I thought I’d put together this post to give you an idea of what’s available, although it’s not exhaustive by any means.

Firstly Sprinkles:


Starting top left and going clockwise we have mimosa balls, silver balls, red chocolate heart dragees, shaped sprinkles (in all sorts of colours and shapes), blue, green, gold and pink balls, Magic Sparkles and edible glitter (in all colours) and in the centre non-pareils (in all sorts of colours) and sanding sugar (in lots of colours).

Then we move on to cut-out sugar paste flowers:

Cut-out sugar paste flowers


I usually use the daisies or blossoms shown above, although they can be made in any colour. These are included in the price of my standard cakes. There are also gerberas, butterflies and all sorts of shapes to suit any interest, occupation, past-time or age group. I can also include initials or ages.

Then we move on to moulded roses, which I can make in sugar paste, Belgian chocolate paste or petal paste.

Moulded Roses


The sugar paste roses are on the left and petal paste roses on the right. They look almost identical, but the petal paste is more expensive and sets hard.

Chocolate paste moulded roses


Here are the Belgian chocolate paste moulded roses, available in dark and white chocolate paste.

Then come the handmade rosebuds and chocolate roses. The chocolate roses are the only decorations I buy in – everything else I make myself:

Chocolate roses


The red and chocolate roses in the centre (with leaves) are my handmade roses and can be made in any colour or in dark or white Belgian chocolate paste. The white and deeper red roses top and bottom are the 30mm chocolate roses I buy in and these are available in white, milk, dark, red and pink chocolate.

Please contact me to enquire about prices.

Cupcake paper cases are available in all sorts of colours and patterns, but the quality varies hugely. Some which say they are made from quality greaseproof, are obviously not, when you come to use them! My favourite make of cases are big, really sturdy, never peel off the cakes and are truly greaseproof. I try to stick to this make whenever possible, but if you want a particular colour or pattern, I can easily source these for you.

Just a few of the paper cases available

The plain and patterned cases shown above are included in my standard prices.

The foil cases below are available in silver, gold, red, turquoise, pink and black. There is an extra charge for these foil cases:

Foil cases in red and sliver


I hope this gives you an idea of what’s available, but don’t forget that almost any shape can be cut out or made. For instance, I have an order coming up for someone who loves fishing. The cupcakes are going to have gold and silver lustred fish leaping put of the tops of the cakes, which will have watery coloured glitters sprinkled on the frosting – all in emerald, silver, turquoise and gold!


2 thoughts on “Cupcake paper cases and decorations

    1. The ones which I find always work are by ‘Easybake’. They don’t have all the colours you want though, so I do source other makes. Others are very often not so deep, so you end up with a slightly smaller cupcake. Have just discovered whose cases look very good. I have received an order, but haven’t tried them yet, so will let you know how I get on.

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