Mother’s Day Cupcakes

I was up at the crack of dawn today to get vanilla cupcakes made and baked before I set off to fetch the tiered stand I had hired out. What with the A14 AND the level crossing at Buckden being shut on one day, it took me an hour to get there and back!

Anyway, I was pleased with how these cupcakes turned out, considering I took much less time than usual – all the better for it, I think.

Mother's Day cupcakes

I came back and had to make a Luscious Lemon Layer Cake as well. I ended up making two and kept one for us for Mother’s Day. Now everything has been delivered I can relax and enjoy being waited on. I finished reading my book, interrupted periodically by my two sons trying to decide what to cook for me on Mother’s Day from the Hairy Bikers book “Mum Knows Best” (my Mother’s Day present… ) and now I am enjoying a glass or two of sparkling Prosecco as a well-earned treat.

Tomorrow I am planning on blitzing the house, as I am expecting a visit from a magazine on Wednesday. Tuesday will be dedicated to baking and getting everything as far advanced as possible for the big day on Wednesday! I have a packed week ahead. On a general note, Thursday to Sunday are my really busy days, so if you know you want something, it’s definitely best to book ahead. While I try my utmost not to disappoint anyone, I do sometimes have to turn orders away, because I am already fully booked.


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