Blueberry Muffins

I don’t sell muffins on my website, as they are definitely best eaten fresh from the oven and don’t really keep well, even overnight. Anyway, I fancied trying out a different recipe at home today, so I used the recipe for Blueberry Muffins from The Grand Central Bakery’s cook book.

They looked really nice, as you can see, but the taste was a bit disappointing. Quite bland – needed more sugar, I think and a rather rough texture – maybe I didn’t mix them quite enough this time! I don’t know, a good blueberry muffin recipe is still eluding me. There must be one out there somewhere, which tastes like how I remember muffins should taste.

I think there is a printing error in the recipe, as it said to bake them for 45 minutes! Mine were more than done after 30 mins, so I think it should probably say bake for 25 mins. There was also rather a lot of egg in this recipe – 4 eggs in 12 muffins, which might account for the texture. Anyway, although they are not up to my expectations, they can’t be that bad, as my sons have just wolfed down two each (on top of a bowl of chicken risotto)!


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