Easter Cupcakes at home

I had quite a bit of cake mix left over from my baking today, so I tested out some new paper cases from Squires Kitchen (the pale blue spotted cases) and Culpitt (the bright blue checked cases) – both high quality, highly greaseproof paper. Several people I know have had trouble with the Squires Kitchen cases peeling off the cakes, but I have to say they seemed fine today with the Vanilla Buttermilk mix. It might be as well for me test them with my normal mix too. Anyway, these are just for us to eat at home, so might be a bit more slapdash than my usual cakes!

Both of these cases can be ordered in. The spotted cases come in red, pink, pale blue, bright blue, lime green, yellow, brown, black and gold with seasonal colours added regularly. The checked cases come in blue, pink or red. They also have flowered cases and cases with butterflies in the same make in pink and blue. All ideal for babies, christenings or children’s parties.

Here is a side view of the cases – you can see that they are really greaseproof, which always makes for a better-looking cake. Note the different heights of the cases – why can’t manufacturers make to the same standard (nice and tall!)?


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