Large Red Rose Chocolate Cake

I am often asked to make a larger cake than my usual 8 inch layer cake, so I am now offering a 10 inch cake, which should feed at least 20 people. Here is one which has gone out today for a young lady’s birthday!

This one is a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting. Unlike the 8 inch layer cake which is frosted just on top, this larger cake is covered in frosting. I can make this larger size in any flavour combination and can even make a triple layer cake to feed even more people!

Imagine a vanilla sponge cake with natural or very pale pink frosting with pink or yellow roses… the combinations are endless and can be matched to any colour scheme you have. You could have the cake covered in soft roll-out icing in any colour and have flowers or roses attached to the top and sides, maybe picking up the colour of a ribbon around the base. I don’t put the roses on the sides of a frosted cake, in case they decide to slip down! All of these larger cakes are priced on request.


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