Glittery Rose Cakes

This order went out yesterday for a birthday. Whenever I show this glitter to people, they love it and immediately want it on their cakes! This order was having a mixture of pink blossoms and daisies and one pink rose with glitter for the birthday girl. The photos don’t really capture how sparkly the glitter is, as the light early this morning was not so good for photographing the cakes. 

Pink glitter rose


This edible glitter comes in all sorts of colours, although I’ve used a pale pink here to match the rose. 


 The glitter is especially popular for weddings, birthdays, christenings and special events. Another benefit is that one tiny pot of glitter goes a very long way, so it’s not an expensive option. 

I will make some more of these glittery cakes and take some better photos!


4 thoughts on “Glittery Rose Cakes

  1. These cakes were very yummy and were a real hit with the birthday girl and guests.

    The glitter cake looked very impressive and stood out from the rest.

    Thank you. Would definately recommend you to my friends.

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