Getting Ready For ‘Just Desserts’

I spent hours yesterday making various coloured sugar pastes and today I’ve been turning them into hundreds of roses and rose leaves.

There are pale, medium and deep rose pinks:

Pale yellow and pale mauve:

And lastly bright red, orange and yellow:

I am planning on selling 5 or 6 different flavours of cupcakes on Saturday at Just Desserts (the list keeps growing and changing!) and I might assign  each flavour a coloured rose. I have some nice packaging ideas in mind and will be selling cupcakes individually and in 4’s and 12’s too. I am taking some wedding designs with me with new cupcake wrappers and hopefully some individual pies and celebration cakes. Phew – we will have to see how much I can get  made in time!

As I was photographing the roses, I remembered I had bought some pretty spotted and check ribbons to make cakes with, so thought I would show you a few photos of them together. They would all look really pretty and summery on an iced cake.

The colours match quite well, considering I hadn’t even looked at them when I was colouring the sugar paste!

Hope to see you on 24th April, 10am-4pm at The Lion Yard Shopping Centre.


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