Wedding Cupcakes at Just Desserts Event, Cambridge

I spent all day baking on Friday, until at least 9.30pm. On Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn to decorate and individually bag all the cupcakes. They were tied with my pink and white ribbon and had cards with photos of all my different cakes attached. It was incredibly time-consuming, but it was worth it in the end. We loaded up the car and set off to Cambridge at 8.30am. I was really pleased to find I had been given a very good spot. I piled up the bagged cupcakes on my 7 bier wedding stand and everyone said they looked amazing! Unfortunately the photos we took are not really good enough to put on here! My friend Denise helped me, than goodness, or I don’t think I would have managed on my own. People were so complimentary and we were very lucky to sell out 2 hours before the end of the event!

I had a display of very pretty wedding cupcakes, which weren’t for sale, they were just there to show people what I could do. I had lots of enquiries about weddings – cupcakes still seem to be the in-thing for weddings around here!

Each one was in a daisy cupcake wrapper and had various pastel coloured frostings and roses. I matched up a glitter to each of the frostings, which went down a storm!

The glitter still doesn’t show up too well on the blog, so I will put photos on my website where I can use a larger photograph.


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