Pink Wedding Cupcake Ideas

I made some vanilla cupcakes today as samples for a bride-to-be. I just used a mixture of all sorts of pink flowers such as daisies, roses and blossoms as well as glitters, magic sparkles and sprinkles, just to give her an idea of what’s available.

As you can probably see, the pinks do not all necessarily match, but they are just there to get an idea. We then played around with different paper cases, cupcake wrappers and different colours and shapes of flowers.

In the end the bride opted for a black, white and bright pink theme, with black and white cases, natural and bright pink frosting and white and bright pink flowers with black and white centres, all sprinkled with a clear iridescent glitter. I think it will look really stunning!

The samples are a mere starting point and brides and grooms quite often end up choosing something quite different to what they originally thought of having! The good thing with cupcakes is that you can mix and match and play around with toppings and decorations. You can stick to one idea and keep it simple or decorate them in lots of different ways, but keep the colour theme running through, to tie it all together.


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