New Paper Cases Have Arrived

Look at what has arrived today – plain, spotted and patterned paper cases to make your cupcakes look even more desirable!

Bright blue, red, brown, purple and cerise cases

I REALLY like paper cases and have to restrain myself from ordering every colour under the sun, but when there are lovely designs like this out there, it’s difficult…

Cerise and gold cases

These also come in black and white, which seems to be a hot colour combination for cakes at the moment, so you will see some black and white beauties coming soon:

Lastly I ordered some spotted cases, always popular with children and adults and all Cath Kidston fans!

Red and pink spotted cases

My standard cupcakes come with white, black or brown cases, but any and every colour or pattern can be had for a small extra charge. They can really add to the overall effect, particularly if you are going to put them on a stand, so are well worth considering.

Another package turned up today with this new cutter inside:

Handbags and shoes cutter

This is for an order coming up in June. The client would like shoes, handbags and bows on the cupcakes, so I’ve ordered it early so I can play around and see what I can make with it!


2 thoughts on “New Paper Cases Have Arrived

  1. These are called Patchwork Cutters – it says on the instructions they are best used with Mexican Paste. I think the usual fondant would be too soft for these quite intricate cutters. If you search under’patchwork cutters’ on google, yuo should be able to find out if you can get them in the USA or other countries. The company’s website is – there are demos & lots of info on this site (I should have a look myself before I try them out!)

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