Summer Celebration Rich Fruit Cake

I’ve spent the morning finishing off this Summer Celebration Cake for delivery to Cambridge tomorrow. In the centre is a rich fruit cake, like my Christmas cake, but with more orange and brandy this time.

Summer Celebration Rich Fruit Cake

I have spent much of the rest of the morning making various flowers for upcoming orders. Pink flowers, pink roses and a number 70 for a birthday order, red roses, hearts and flowers for a wedding consultation. Lemon, lime and white daisies for some mini lemon cupcakes for a birthday…..

I have also ordered some culinary lavender to test out recipes for Lavender Cupcakes. These are going to form part of a wedding order to be held at a college in Cambridge in the summer, so I want them to be just right! It’s a tricky flavour, you want to taste it, but it shouldn’t be overpowering. So as soon as that arrives, I will start trying out recipes until I have the perfect result.

I’m trying to get well ahead of myself this week, as I have a large wedding order next weekend and will be spending much of  next Thursday to Saturday on it.

In case anyone is wondering, I have not sent out the May newsletter yet, because I’ve been having a bit of trouble replying to anyone with a yahoo or hotmail account (that’s quite a lot of people!). Hopefully the problem should be sorted today. I am receiving your email, so will reply from another email account until the problem is sorted.


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