70th Birthday Cupcakes

These were made and delivered this morning for a 70th birthday celebration tonight. 

The request was for chocolate cupcakes with a mixture of pink roses and blossoms and a number 70: 

70th birthday chocolate cupcakes

and vanilla cupcakes with pale pink frosting and the same blossoms and roses: 

70th birthday vanilla cupcakes

They have hired a stand of mine too, so they will look very pretty piled up tonight! 

The postie has just delivered my big bag of culinary lavender, so I can start experimenting with lavender cupcake recipes. I’m wondering if I can make some for Knit-Lit tonight, as well as clean and tidy up the house, wash the floors, fetch my son from football, do my blog, answer emails, cook tea etc etc….something will have to give! 

I’m hoping to go to a Vintage Fair in Cambridge tomorrow: 


I haven’t been to one of these before, so it should be interesting. I don’t know if they just have clothes or household stuff too. I’ll let you know!


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