Homemade Lavender Sugar

After the arrival of my culinary lavender and thinking I was going to rush off and make lavender cupcakes, I realised that I first had to make some lavender sugar and be patient…

I happened to have a preserving jar to hand, so I guessed at how much lavender to put in. I put 1/3 jar caster sugar, then a heaped tablespoon of lavender and repeated the process twice more to f ill the jar. Then I gave it a stir, sealed it and shook it up a bit to distribute the lavender. I think it’s best to leave it for a couple of weeks for the lavender to perfume the sugar.

Homemade lavender sugar

As I said before, I’m using this for lavender cupcakes, but it’s just as good when used to make lavender shortbread or biscuits/cookie. I think it might be good used for lavender meringues, especially if tinted a pale lavender colour or maybe even a lavender flavoured caramel, fudge or toffee?

I do have a cupcake recipe which calls for infusing the lavender in milk, so I might have a go at that in the mean time, while I wait for my sugar to be ready!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Lavender Sugar

  1. Hmmm, that sounds very good. I will try it in the summer, when the weather improves. Just had a look at your website and everything looks delicious.

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