Cute As A Button Lavender Cupcakes

This is my first recipe trial of Lavender Cupcakes. I thought for starters I would try the Hummingbird recipe, whereby you steep the lavender in the milk. I’m not sure if this recipe is printed correctly, as it says you use 4 tablespoons of lavender in the milk for the cupcakes and 1 tablespoon in the milk for the frosting! To say that my whole house has been perfumed by the cakes is not an exaggeration! Not a bad thing in itself, but did make me suspect they might be a bit on the strong side…

Lavender Cupcakes

I found the flavour to be quite over-powering and I think a recipe using lavender flavoured caster sugar is probably a better way to go. I had about 1/8th of a cupcake 30 mins ago and I can still taste it very strongly! It’s definitely not right.

Anyway, that’s why you trial all these different recipes and then you come up with what you think is best!

I can’t think my two sons are going to be appreciate this flavour somehow, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these cakes!

The cute as a button cupcake wrapper and topper were printed off the internet, as an experiment. I only used paper, not card, so the printing could be better! I just wanted to see if I could print my own wrappers, say if you want one for the birthday girl or boy. When I’ve refined my techniques, I will print a few off and photograph them. I also have a button mould, which fitted the button theme perfectly!


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