Wedding Preparations

I have spent this morning making 100 x Vanilla Buttermilk cupcakes for a wedding tomorrow. Tomorrow they will be frosted with turquoise vanilla frosting and decorated very simply with silver balls. I have also made the top cake, which is just a plain and simple vanilla Madeira cake, sandwiched with the turquoise frosting and covered in white sugar paste. It will have a turquoise satin ribbon and a bride and groom on the top. When I am all finished tomorrow I will be sure to take lots of photos. The reception is in the evening, so I feel I haven’t got to rush too much!

I was playing around with cupcake wrappers the other day, seeing if I could make my own – I certainly have enough printed papers to keep me going for a long time. Anyway, this was my first effort – it could be made better by using some decorative scissors around the edge. Initials or a printed message could be attached. You could maybe have just one if the order is for someone’s birthday.


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