Turquoise & Silver Wedding Cupcakes for Lucy and Jamie

I’m not sure that it would have been the done thing for me to show the wedding cakes to everyone before the actual reception, so I have delayed until the party got started! Anyway here they are: 


Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes with Turquoise Frosting & Silver Balls

I took hours over mixing the frosting this morning to make sure all 10 batches of frosting were mixed together to ensure the cakes were all exactly the same colour! The photos I took at home actually make the cakes look a bit brighter than they really are – I photographed them in a light box, which has somehow not quite reflected the true colour… 


The top cake is plain and simple – an iced Madeira sponge, sandwiched with turquoise frosting, trimmed with a satin ribbon and the bride and groom on top. 


The cupcakes are Vanilla Buttermilk, which is quite a rich sponge with lots of eggs, extra egg yolks, sponge flour for lightness and buttermilk. 


The couple are having an evening reception, so I think the silver balls will look very pretty twinkling away in the dark. 


Sometimes simplicity is all! 

The photos below are taken at the reception, but the light was not good, so they do look at little yellow and grainy – perhaps I will have to invest in that expensive camera after all! 



2 thoughts on “Turquoise & Silver Wedding Cupcakes for Lucy and Jamie

    1. I made these a while ago, so can’t remember exactly which colour I used, probably Turquoise or Ice Blue (Sugarflair paste colours). Just add it slowly until you get the depth of colour you require.

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