Perfect Strawberries

One of my June specials is going to involve strawberries and we are very lucky to have a fantastic grower on the doorstep:

Here are the punnets of strawberries I bought today, mainly with making cupcake samples in mind. I will have to be quick though, as they never last long around here… They are so superior to those supermarket strawberries and they grow fantastic raspberries, blackberries, tayberries etc!

Here’s a photo of last year’s strawberry cupcake, which was a vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam centre, and fresh cream and strawberries on the top:

I think this year’s will be slightly different, possibly with a vanilla frosting with strawberries folded through it. Maybe chunks of strawberry in the sponge..? Whatever I choose, they will be available from 1st June!

In reference to the comment below, this is the centre of the cake from last year with the jam filling. I might do this again and will try out the chopped fresh strawberries as well, to see which works best. This remains my son’s favourite cupcake to date and he’s been through quite few, as you can imagine!


3 thoughts on “Perfect Strawberries

  1. When you make your strawberry cupcakes, would you slice one in 1/2 and post a pic? I made some last year and was quite disappointed in them first time through. 2nd time through, I used fewer berries than the recipe required and that was better. But I still thought the baked berries looked unappetizing. I’m sticking with berry filling and/or buttercream for strawberry cupcake requests. Thanks!

  2. Will do. Fresh strawberries have a tendecy to sink, that’s why I haven’t quite decided whether to go with that idea or a jammy centre! Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to try them out.

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