Strawberry Cupcakes

Fresh from the fields Strawberry Cupcakes:

As I said yesterday, I made half with chopped strawberries in the sponge:

 and half with a strawberry jam centre:

 They are both topped with a vanilla and strawberry frosting, which has pureed strawberry folded through. I think you get more of the pure strawberry flavour with the sponge which has chopped fruit in it. I must admit you can’t see the fruit very well in the photo – it seems to have dissolved into the sponge. Cons: the fruit makes the sponge slightly wetter and needs to bake a little longer and I don’t think they will keep so well. Pros: the flavour.

With the strawberry jam centre, they look better and more yummy, but there is  a sweeter, more jammy flavour than the fresh fruit gives. Either way, I think they are pretty good! I might go with the jam centre for the website, so that they keep well, but if you are reading this and would prefer fruit throughout, that can be done quite easily! 

I think these would look pretty stunning all piled up on a tiered stand for a summer party or wedding!


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