Abby’s Pink Sandcastle Cake

I’ve had this tin in my stash for at least 4 or 5 years and only ever used it once…until today. I had a phone call from Abby’s Mum who was looking for a sandcastle cake for her daughter. This tin immediately came to mind!

The cake itself is the plain vanilla sponge recipe which came with the tin and it is dusted with icing sugar and cerise glitter. It is really sparkly in real life – the photos haven’t quite captured that!

I used pink and white sandwich flags in the turrets and cerise sugar paste for the lettering.  The tin is quite versatile, as the colours could be easily changed for a boy, you could have a plain cake filled with strawberries or other soft fruit and serve it with cream or mascarpone  for a summer party, or even take to a picnic on the beach! It could also be made in chocolate sponge and have Belgian chocolate seashells around the base or I saw some gummy sweets in the shape of starfish etc at Waitrose the other day – they’d be good around the base of a child’s birthday cake.

I’m looking forward to making another version sometime soon!


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