Gold and Burgundy Wedding Cupcake Tower

I battled against a major headache and sweltering heat in order to get this order made and delivered! Despite all that, all was well in the end. On the top tier, there was a chocolate cake covered in milk chocolate ganache and surrounded by milk chocolate cigarillos. The ivory roses brushed with gold lustre were placed on the top. A gold ribbon around the cake and board finished it off.

The cupcake part of the order was for Chocolate Cupcakes with ivory roses dusted with gold lustre:Chocolate Cupcakes with ivory roses

and for Luscious Lemon Cupcakes with burgundy roses:Luscious Lemon cupcakes with burgundy roses

Here they are boxed up ready to be chauffeured to the reception at The Old Bridge in Huntingdon:

Chocolate cupcakes with ivory roses

I think they looked very attractive in the classic colour combination of gold, ivory and burgundy – I hope the bride and groom enjoyed them!


2 thoughts on “Gold and Burgundy Wedding Cupcake Tower

  1. Lovely presentation…hope you are feeling better and so happy for you that your buttercream and ganache turned out. Where I live, it’s about 90 everyday; I’ve not had the courage to make buttercream!

  2. Thanks – headache all gone now! I had a very bad experience with buttercream when we lived in Northern California. I was making my son’s 1st birthday cake (a teddy bear covered in piped buttercream).It was so hot that day (well above 100 Fahrenheit) that the buttercream was melting in my hands! I kept putting it back in the fridge to cool down, took it out, piped a bit more before it started running away again. It took me hours to do it and I was a wreck by the end! At least we rarely have it that hot here!

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