Wedding Cupcakes at Hotel Felix, Cambridge

These were made for a wedding yesterday at Hotel Felix in Cambridge. The couple chose Carrot Cupcakes, Lemon Cupcakes and a Carrot Cake as the top cake. All were decorated to tie in with the red colour theme.

Their florist provided the small posy of red roses for the top of the cake.

The larger carrot cupcakes were in red foil cases with red roses and the mini carrot cakes were in red paper cases with red chocolate heart dragees. The cakes were topped with piped orange frosting, which complements the carrot cake very well. The top cake was also covered in the same frosting.

Half of the cakes were sprinkled with glitter.

The Lemon cupcakes were in plain white paper cases with the same red roses as the carrot cupcakes and the mini lemon cupcakes were decorated with mini cut-out hearts in various sizes. The larger lemon cupcakes had home-made lemon curd centres and were topped with piped lemon frosting.

Luckily the weather held yesterday and was also a bit cooler, which is always better from a cake-maker’s point of view!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes at Hotel Felix, Cambridge

  1. Thank you for supplying the cupcakes for our Special Day. They not only looked amazing but they tasted great too. Our guests loved them and even our Hotel quoted that they were the most visually stunning cupcakes they had had for a wedding!!!
    Thank you From the Bride and Groom 😉

  2. These are perfect! So beautiful! Just one question though, what kind of cupcake cases do you use that stay white? I’m so stuck I can’t find any, even ones that claim to be greaseproof! 😦 help!

    1. Whne I need white cases, I just use a basic white muffin case from my wholesaler. They are very good – the grease never seeps htrough, which is more than I can say for a lot of makes. Wish they made them in all colours!

      1. The best I have found are some “greaseproof” but they don’t look that good. Ah well will have to go with second rate this one time!

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