Wedding Cupcakes at Queen’s College, Cambridge

The bride and groom chose to match the colour of their cupcakes to the colours of the dresses and cravats at the wedding, so ivory, champagne and eau-de-nil. I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t be able to match the eau-de-nil exactly, as it’s a tricky colour to get right, but when we arrived to set up the cakes, they seemed to match the accessories I could see in the room! I think this bride and groom have a good sense of humour and don’t take life too seriously, as they requested I attach two rubber ducks they had left for me at the reception to the top cake! They were a bit on the big side, but they knew they were going to be a bit big and I don’t think they minded.

All of the cakes were Vanilla  Cupcakes. The eau-de-nil and ivory cupcakes had pale yellow flowers with ivory centres and the champagne coloured cupcakes had pink flowers with ivory centres. The 13cm rich fruit cake on top was covered in ‘Celebration’ sugar paste and had the same pale yellow flowers around the bottom edge. It was on narrow board, which was covered with the sugar paste , so it sat flush with the edge of the top tier.

The table was set for me when I got there, with a ruched cloth and champagne coloured flowers to dot amongst the cakes. The bride and groom also provided their own stand.

I just hope the cakes stood up to the heat in the room, sa it was once again a very hot and muggy day!

As we left Queen’s the bride and groom were having their photograph taken on the Mathematical Bridge – I’m not sure if they were aware of the large crowd of tourists watching them from Silver Street and my son trying to get in on the act and have his photo taken on the bridge too…


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