25th Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made on Monday for a silver (25th) wedding anniversary. The request was for something quite simple, so I put them in silver foil cases and decorated them with silver balls, silver and white non-pareils, a glittery 25 and a few blossoms in blue and mauve.

Silver Anniversary Cupcakes

The couple they were intended for like things plain and simple, so the client didn’t want anything too fussy or over-the-top. I hope they liked them anyway.

It’s proving quite tricky to handle all my cake orders, keep on top of paperwork and entertain my two sons over the summer holidays. I’ve taken to getting up at the crack of dawn to make my orders, so I have some free days to do things with them. Yesterday they went on the ice-slide at Milton Keynes Xscape, which was good fun. Quite bizarre to put on full winter gear in the middle of August though! I then dragged them round IKEA and Costco, where they are already getting the Christmas stuff in!

If I am a bit slower than usual in replying to emails, it’s because I am trying to be chief entertainer and cook at the same time. Things will be back to normal by September…


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