Wedding Cupcakes at Hail Weston

This may be a long post as I had a hard time choosing which photos to include. I went along to set up these cakes in a marquee in a garden yesterday, and I have to say the venue looked wonderful. With each wedding I go to I am amazed by everyone’s ideas and how pretty each wedding looks. The colour theme to this wedding was bright pink, orange and bright yellow set off by lots of cream.

Top cake with posy of gerberas and roses

 The 8″ top cake was a vanilla layer cake sandwiched with raspberry jam and  vanilla frosting. The frosting was swirled all over and topped with this lovely posy provided by their florist to match the garlands and bouquets. It includes orange and pink roses, gerberas, eucalyptus and pink organza ribbon.

The bride and groom chose a wide range of toppings for the vanilla cupcakes, each based on the pink, orange and yellow scheme.

 I used the 9″ tier as the top layer here and four layers underneath. There were 108 cupcakes and the four layers almost held all of them – I had to spread out round the bottom edge for the last few, but I always think that looks rather nice.

The cupcakes had lots of variations of flowers and decorations. Firstly a triple layer flower:

then a large flowers with daisy centres and this smaller daisy with a small blossom centre:

 blossoms with cerise glitter:

matching non pareils sprinkles and mini blossoms used as sprinkles:

pink Magic Sparkles:

and finally daisies with the Magic Sparkles:


It made a really summery and eye-catching display, which was just right for high summer.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes at Hail Weston

  1. Thank you for the comments – I feel like I’m getting into my stride with all these weddinsg now. I seem to have quite a few smaller weddings booked for September, so watch this space!

    1. I buy mine from – there seem to be several suppliers. Make sure you get a good sturdy one, 5mm acrylic, not 3mm. The best one I have found is the maypole design. I find the ones which slot together to be rather flimsy and wobbly!

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