Bank Holiday in Shropshire

I have been away for the weekend, so no cakes to show today. Instead a few photos of where I was born and brought up in Shropshire. I like to go and get my fix of the countryside whenever the opportunity allows, but unfortunately it’s not that often.  My Mum was occupied with organising the annual flower festival at Burford Church (where we were married). It’s very hard work and none of them are getting any younger, so they do an amazing job of planning, ordering the flowers and getting enough local (amateur) flower arrangers to come along and do an arrangement each. As I write, we have mislaid the memory stick with most of the flower photos, so will add more if and when we find it!

 We arrived on Friday and we helped a bit by tidying up and I even got roped into helping complete the last arrangement ( and I am no flower arranger…).

There were lots of left-over hydrangeas from a local garden, so at the last minute they decided to use them in front of the choir stalls. They looked very effective – I wish I could grow hydrangeas like them!

Saturday was spent in Ludlow which is famous for its half-timbered buildings, Georgian houses and castle and latterly for its excellent reputation for local food and drink, so we like to go and visit whenever we are there.

My husband was determined to go for a walk in the Shropshire hills while we were there, so it was with much trepidation that we decided to go to The Stiperstones, an area of outstanding natural beauty. However it is notorious for its weather conditions – that wasn’t really the reason for the trepidation. It’s more that my husband’s map reading skills always lead us into trouble. Last year a short circular walk near Hay On Wye turned into a monumental all day hike, which ended in us all suffering from dehydration, so over the years I’ve learned to be cautious! We drove to the foot of The Stiperstones and set off up the hill. After only a few minutes the heavens opened and we got soaked. We got to the first tor to shelter from the rain. Luckily it dried up quickly but then the real problem started – gale force wind. We carried on battling up the hill but it became more and more difficult as we were battered by the wind. We made it as far as The Devil’s Chair where I nearly got blown over, so I insisted we turn back and try a walk lower down the hill! Walks with us are never uneventful…

You wouldn’t belive from this blue sky how bad the weather was before!

above is a photo of Nipstone, which was lower down the hill and slightly more sheltered.

There were still fantastic views from lower down across the Shropshire hills. The purple heather covered the hillsides in all directions.

 Anyway, here we are, back in flat old Cambridgeshire-  if only it were a bit more hilly…


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