Pretty In Pink and Peach

These were made earlier this week . I think the pale pink and peach combination is very pretty and old-fashioned in a good way!

Pale peach vanilla frosting

Pale pink vanilla frosting

I have a small wedding and a party to cater for tomorrow, so will be busy most of the day, in fact I’m quite busy until the kids go back to school next Monday, when I will be hitting the shops on my own for some peace and quiet!

The website was finally fully updated last night, so there are new photos on most pages and in the gallery too. Although there are always jobs to do, like making separate galleries for cupcakes, weddings, christenings etc, the website is looking pretty good at the moment! I am feeling ahead of the game for once, having done the newsletter , the monthly specials, updated the website, got some PR planned for the next few months and I’ve got all the flowers and decorations made for this week. I like feeling organised!


3 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink and Peach

  1. Several people have asked me this. I just use a large stainless steel star-shaped tip which I have. It doesn’t have a name, number or make on it, which is really useful… You can get those smaller star shaped tips, but I find the frosting looks a bit meagre when piped with one of those. After lots of trial and error, I found this one in my collection and have stuck with it on the whole.

  2. Thank you! I will just have to try out a larger star tip. I used a smaller star tip on the cupcakes I made recently and they didn’t come out quite as I expected.

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